Welcome to DAPS!

Welcome to the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society (DAPS)! We are glad you have found us, and hope you will find this site informative.

DAPS offers many services at no (or reduced) cost to those affected by Parkinson's disease living in the Dallas area, including the following:

  • group exercise
  • speech groups
  • care partner support groups
  • Dance for Movement Disorders classes
  • non-contact boxing and tai chi for people with Parkinson's disease
  • monthly educational/motivational meetings
  • monthly newsletter by email

See a map and full schedule of our groups and classes on our Group Schedules page.

DAPS Virtual Exercise, Speech, Support Groups and Educational Series

Join DAPS for a virtual class EVERY DAY!

DAPS has been working hard to continue providing you with the classes that we know you miss and love.

Click here to view our recorded exercise classes or Educational Series webinars any time on the DAPS YouTube channel.

Below are the LIVE CLASSES DAPS is offering each week via Zoom.

You can join our live exercise, speech, and support groups by contacting us at:


If you are interested in joining a DAPS class virtually for the first time, please be aware that response times to receive login information are generally during office hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Tribe Wellness Group Classes (boxing, tai chi, and yoga groups) are also available every day online with discounted pricing for DAPS members. Click here for the full calendar or email Tribe Wellness for more information.


9:45 am EXERCISE with Angie

10:45 am CARE PARTNERS support group with Carol

1:00 pm SPEECH with Danielle

4:00 Gentle YOGA with Amanda


9:00 am SPEECH with Pat 

10:00 am EXERCISE with Diana

11:30 am SPEECH with Lynn

2:00 pm DANCE for PD Dallas classes with Misty Owens
Click here to email Misty for login details


9:45 am EXERCISE and SPEECH with Barb

11:00 am SPEECH with Lynn

12:30 pm EXERCISE with Tammy


10:00 am EXERCISE with Amanda

2:00 pm SPEECH with Pat

2:00 DANCE for PD Dallas classes with Misty Owens
Click here to email Misty for login details


9:45 am EXERCISE AND SPEECH with Barb

12:30 pm EXERCISE with Tammy


1:00 EXERCISE with Tammy


11:00 am EXERCISE with Diana 

2:30 pm EXERCISE with Tammy

Coronavirus updates

The wellbeing of our group participants is the primary concern of the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society.

For updates regarding DAPS activities during this coronavirus situation, please click here.

Dallas: A Creative City

Dallas Arts Month is a celebration of the thriving arts community in Dallas instituted by Mayor Mike Rawlings. Misty Owens was invited to be interviewed for the project and her choreography for the Dance for PD® Crane Project Filming at Dallas Museum of Art on Friday, March 1, 2019, was included in the Mayor's video. The choreography was created for the Global PD Crane Project and was featured along with other video submissions for the World Parkinson's Congress in Kyoto, Japan, in June 2019.

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