DAPS 10th Annual Non-Event Fundraiser

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Happy 40th Birthday to DAPS!


Forty years ago,
Clarice Dougherty was searching for a support group in the DFW area for her husband, Brook, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Finding no resources in the area, she decided to start a group of her own, modeling it on the recently founded Houston Area Parkinson Society.

Thus, in 1978, Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society was born!

As we celebrate our 40th birthday, we reflect on the changes we have experienced. We have grown in numbers, in our understanding, and in our ability to serve the Parkinson’s community. We have developed new programs and new alliances in our fight against PD. We are now in 19 locations in the Dallas area, providing about 40 group activities every week.

We remain dedicated to our mission of
impacting and improving the lives
of those affected by Parkinson’s disease

As a nonprofit, we depend upon our members and others to sustain us with their time, their talents, and their donations. We could not achieve our goals without you.

Together we are making a difference!

With your support and that of others like you, DAPS will continue to provide exercise, speech therapy, support groups, information, inspiration, and education until a cure is found!

You are invited to celebrate DAPS' 40th birthday at the Parkinson’s Awareness Luncheon—April 9 at 12:30 PM!

But to participate in our Non-Event, you do not have to buy a ticket, travel, or wear fancy clothing! Just choose a gift level and donate to DAPS knowing that your gift will help us continue serving for many years to come!

2018 Non-Event goals

Help us reach the top tier
put the icing on the cake!


Gift Levels:

pink gift Pink ($20,000+) green gift Green ($1,000+)
 violet gift Violet ($10,000+) yellow gift Yellow ($500+)
indigo gift  Indigo ($5,000+) orange gift Orange ($100+)
blue gift Blue ($2,500+) red gift Red (up to $99)
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