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You can find more information about where and when the following classes meet on our Group Locations and Times page.  At this time, all classes are held virtually. To join any of the following groups or classes via zoom, go to our calendar and click on the link to the class/group you would like to attend.

Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes are led by instructors with experience and knowledge in the field of movement disorders. Exercises focus on coordination, balance, strength and endurance.  Classes are appropriate for all stages of PD and partners are welcomed to attend.

Speech Classes

According to the Parkinson Disease Foundation, nearly 90% of people with Parkinson's disease will develop speaking problems. Most notably, their volume of speech decreases, and they may develop a hoarse or monotone voice. The only known effective treatment for these speech problems is the Lee Silverman Voice Technique, or LSVT. Our therapists and group leaders follow these methods in order to help our speech therapy attendees strengthen their voices and regain their confidence in speaking. We encourage you to join any of our speech classes via zoom.

Dance for Movement Disorders

Dance for Movement Disorders is offered free to individuals with movement disorders. Dance has been shown to help with coordination and balance, while having fun.

Non-Contact Boxing

Tribe Wellness provides discounts for DAPS members who join their non-contact boxing for Parkinson's disease classes. Non-contact boxing exercises the body and the brain to help build core strength and improve cognition.

Partner in Care Groups

Our care partner support groups are for spouses, family and friends who have a loved one with PD.  Groups are led by trained professionals and offer resources, guidance and knowledge as it pertains to chronic illness.

YOPD Rebels Support Group

If you've been diagnosed with early onset PD and are dealing with the unique challenges such as employment or parenting, join us on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The YOPD support group provides a safe place to discuss these types of experiences, resources and gain support from others who are dealing with similar issues. Care Partners are welcome to attend, as well.

Educational Series 

Our Educational Series are held at several locations each month, but currently accessed via zoom (see the Events calendar for dates, times, and locations). These feature information presented by an expert in the movement disorder field and other related professionals.

Please note: Dates and times may vary, depending on each location's schedule. Send us an email or call us at 972-620-7600 for details.


DAPS hosts several additional events throughout the year.  Due to the pandemic, dates/times have not been determined:

  • PD Awareness Event 
  • Kenneth Cooper Lifetime Achievement Award Luncheon
  • Keep Moving! Annual Symposium
  • DAPS Celebration and Volunteer Award Luncheon