Heard About Peak Performers?

Mike Braitsch

Dr. Mike Braitsch PT, DPT, founder and owner of Tribe Wellness, is a friend to many, including the Parkinson’s community and DAPS.

This October, Mike has put together an adventure involving a group called “Peak Performers.” Each of the members of the Peak Performers has accepted the challenge to train for and then hike the highest peak in Texas, the Guadalupe Peak. The group is made up of people with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and their friends who train regularly with Mike. I have heard so many times, from those who train with Mike, what a difference it makes in their life. The exercise is great for anyone, but especially those facing the challenges of living with Parkinson’s disease. Besides that, it is fun and the camaraderie and the friends that are made there are a tremendous motivation. And, who wouldn’t get motivated hanging out with Mike Braitsch? His enthusiasm is contagious.

Mike and the Peak Performers have decided to raise money and raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease by hiking up Guadalupe Peak. Each of them is asking for supporters to pledge an amount that will go to DAPS.

You may have already been asked by someone. If so, I hope you will join me in supporting them in this adventure. If you haven’t been asked or would like to give over and above that pledge, here is a link that you can click on to support the Peak Performers and to support the ongoing work of DAPS.


The Peak Performers have challenged themselves to “reach new heights.” Thank you in advance for any encouragement that you are able to give. Your support means a lot and will make a difference.


Mike Miles
Executive Director, DAPS