Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Every time you shop at Tom Thumb, you can earn cash for DAPS! In order for your Tom Thumb purchase to count towards a donation to DAPS, you must fill out a Good Neighbor Program card at the courtesy booth of your local Tom Thumb, listing DAPS' charity # 3071. Tom Thumb will then donate 1% of the amount of your grocery purchases to DAPS! Click here for details.

Another option is to call or fax Vicky Weiman, Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program Administrator. Her contact information is:

phone: 888-334-8240
fax: 713-917-8006

Donations earned through the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor program enable DAPS to keep providing free exercise, speech, and care partner groups for our community of people affected by Parkinson’s disease. Just by enrolling your Tom Thumb card, you are making a difference in the lives of Parkinsonians throughout the DFW area.

Thank you!