DAPS Twelfth Annual Non-Event

Non-Event invitation

The Non-Event is the primary annual fundraiser for the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society. We invite DAPS members and friends of DAPS to join us on a fun imaginary excursion that gives us a very real way to support DAPS.

Join us as we allow our imaginations to soar across the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful shores of Hawaii. From sandy beaches with emerald-blue water and palm trees under tranquil skies to the rugged, black shoulders of volcanoes, the Hawaiian Islands teem with diversity. Beyond the terrain itself, the islands present a dazzling display of plants, wildlife, sea creatures and a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that make up the Hawaiian coral reefs. Experience the beaches of white, black, red, and even green sand. Leave your worries behind and enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Hawaiian hospitality is famous throughout the world. The spirit of giving often begins with the very first island greeting and the gift of a Hawaiian lei. 

As we let our imaginations take us to the islands of Hawaii, let's join in that spirit of giving and become one of many who will make a generous donation to support the life-changing work of DAPS. The adventure begins now and continues through April 2020, Parkinson's Awareness Month. By donating early, you will help build excitement and encourage others. Gifts received by April 30th will be recognized in the June “Special Edition” DAPS newsletter.

Your gift helps to support all of our wonderful programs, including classes at many locations in the DFW area. Classes include exercise, dance, non-contact boxing, speech, educational programs, support groups for families and caregivers, and more.  

But with DAPS it's more than just programs!

It's a person with Parkinson's:

  • being able to walk without stumbling and falling.
  • still enjoying golf, dancing, or an evening out.
  • enjoying more time with the grandkids.
  • speaking with a strong voice.
  • finding a friend to walk with on this journey.
  • learning and living life to the fullest.

It's a family member or care partner:

  • learning all they can to understand the Parkinson’s journey.
  • finding support to cope with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s.
  • finding meaning in volunteering to help others. 

Donate now and an anonymous donor will match the first $20,000 of Non-Event contributions!