Sponsorship Standards


Ethical conduct and transparency are characteristics of how Dallas Area Parkinson’s Society (DAPS) operates. Just as DAPS holds all staff, board members and volunteers to a code of ethics in all that we do, we expect a mutually respectful relationship with all DAPS suppliers and sponsors, whereby our suppliers and sponsors demonstrate an unyielding commitment to the highest ethical standards. Our sponsors are essential to DAPS, and our continued success depends on our mutual commitment to ethics and integrity.

The sponsorship standards outlined below were developed to help our sponsors understand and recognize the depth of DAPS’ commitment to ethical behavior and to the special needs of our members and families. These standards identify the specific behaviors we expect from our sponsors and are intended to strengthen the relationships between our organizations and enhance our combined support for DAPS members.


The purpose of the DAPS Sponsorship Standards is to reinforce DAPS’ commitment to conducting business in an ethical manner and define our expectations for prospective and existing sponsors to comply with DAPS Sponsorship Standards in all facets of their business relationships with DAPS staff, board of directors, volunteers and members.

What suppliers and sponsors can expect from DAPS:

  1. Sponsorship opportunities. DAPS will allow any and all interested suppliers the opportunity to solicit sponsorships, and DAPS agrees to promptly respond to supplier inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities.
  2. Sponsorship process and criteria. DAPS will implement a sponsorship process that informs potential suppliers of the process and criteria for seeking and obtaining sponsorship.
  3. Fostering competition among suppliers. DAPS recognizes there may be multiple suppliers within a single category, and DAPS seeks to foster competition among all suppliers. DAPS will consider all suppliers who solicit sponsorships based on their ability to provide relevant products and/or services that meet the needs of DAPS members.
  4. Promoting diversity among suppliers. DAPS shall offer or participate in programs that promote diversity among suppliers.
  5. Acknowledgement of sponsors. DAPS may choose to acknowledge suppliers who have provided donations or sponsorships to DAPS. Such acknowledgement may include recognizing a sponsor name or logo or on the DAPS website (www.daps.us) with a link to the sponsor’s own website.
  6. Member use of sponsor products or services. DAPS will impose no obligation, commitment or other requirements or restrictions that in any way obligate any member to purchase goods or services from suppliers or sponsors. If a member chooses to engage with a sponsor in any manner including through direct correspondence, linking to the sponsor’s website, conducting business with the sponsor or purchasing products or services from any DAPS supplier or sponsor, they do so based on their own initiative.
  7. Event restrictions. In case of limited space, DAPS may narrow available sponsorship opportunities and will process applications on a first-come, first-served basis. 

What DAPS expects from suppliers and sponsors:

  1. Interactions with members. Suppliers have a responsibility to ensure that their interactions with members and patients are ethical and beyond reproach. Suppliers will not attempt to influence a healthcare professional, patient or customer through improper inducement.
  2. Accurate and truthful representation of products and services. Suppliers are expected to honor the spirit of professionalism in representation of their products and services. All information about products and therapies must be truthful, balanced, and supported by data and relevant experience. All materials presented in a DAPS meeting must be reviewed and approved by DAPS in advance of the event or meeting. DAPS reserves the right to disengage a supplier not acting in the best interests of our members.
  3. Patient and member confidentiality. Suppliers must treat patient information with the utmost confidentiality and agree not to release or share any information about the patient without consent of the member or patient.

If you are interested in sponsoring a DAPS event, please contact Mike Miles at 972-620-7600.

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